The Dream

I grew up just a mile from an Air Force base where pilots from all over the country train to fly fighter jets. From a very young age, I fondly remember sitting on the roof of our house and watching them fly patterns directly overhead. Going to air shows and watching teams such as the Blue Angels held my attention like few other activities as a child. The spark of flight took hold early on, but I always dismissed it as a pipe dream.

I now refuse to accept that anything is impossible, and this is one of many ways I am trying to find my place in the sky.

The Goal

The goal in creating this website is to secure $25,000 to put towards flight school. With 2,500 people such as yourself contributing a mere $10, tuition can be paid. The total cost to obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is often in excess of $50,000. If this crowd funding experiment is successful, with the help of family and friends, and what I have stashed away already, I can enter an accredited, and highly reputable, flight school in order to realize my dream of flying. Not to mention, a CPL offers a comfortable salary across a wide spectrum of job types that can truly make a difference in many lives, such as disaster relief, fire fighting, charity work, and more.

Flight School

I would like to attend Monarch Sky Flight School, in Las Vegas, NV, if this crowdfunding experiment works. Having met the owners and staff at Monarch Sky, I feel they are the best suited to instruct my training. Once graduated, many flight schools offer employment as a flight instructor, and I would love to move to the desert full-time in order to realize my life-long dream of flying. I am positive that few schools can compare to Monarch Sky's modern equipment, simulators, and training aircraft, not to mention the wonderful staff. Read all about them at their website -