How you can help


Are you a corporate? An academician? Or someone with a big heart? Here's your chance to make a difference.

We recognise that differently abled people are gifted with skills like writing, singing, playing instruments, baking, vegetable cutting, shelf stacking at stores (repetitive activities), painting, block printing, pottery, cooking, bag making, photography and more. And what's interesting is that they are particularly good at them.

If you think you can give them an opportunity to either showcase their talent or add value to you or your organisation in any way, please get in touch with us and we'd love to take it further.

Example: We know kids who regularly bake cakes, cookies and different types of bread which are sold to various corporates and organisations across Bangalore. The income thus derived helps them in little ways. 

We believe that we can take it to the next level by providing them with a platform, connecting them to the various opportunity providers like yourself that could utilise these skill sets, therefore working towards bridging the gap between potential opportunity and skills. This could help them to be self-sufficient, financially independent and lead a dignified life.

Do you have an opportunity?

Get in touch below or write to us directly at

P.S. This could also come under your CSR initiatives.