UMMEED: And the journey began!

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UMMEED, a journey that is special and with the loved ones, a journey with a hope to empowerment. Helpmefly, an opportunity platform for the differently abled has collaborated with saMcara to bring in ‘inclusion’ while celebrating music with performances by our beloved talented participants.

It all started 3 months ago when saMcara, the music band and helpmefly foundation came together to show case musical talents and celebrate the participants from our community of differently abled.
It was an amazing experience to see the participants socializing with the unknown, exchanging conversations and appreciating each other’s talents . To some it was also a journey beyond the language barriers.

Thank you saMcara for being a wonderful partner in encouraging the participants , giving them the lead and raising their confidence . In short, the entire team of saMcara played to the tunes of our starsĀ 
We had some strongest mothers of the world. Totally inspired by their patience, perseverance and their best attitudes. It indeed takes a lot to have their kids come here and rock the stage . My heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for their support to their children and Ummeed .

And the big day 7th April 2018, our heroes took the audience by surprise with their extraordinary performance. It was a soulful entertaining evening to each and every one of us present there. It was pure show case of talents , celebration of music and most importantly celebration of our super heroes of the evening our participants.

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