Brave Heart!!

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Nirvaya , the character of my story is a writer. She is a thirty years old and she is an honest lady. Her passion for writing is unique . She writes on different  topics , either social cause, political issues , natural beauty or other matters . Her main motto is do service for society […]

A note on my condition

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Autism is a word made by only six letters but it is so complicated and vast. Only those people know who are in the field . Our behaviour gives troubles to others. Everyone should know why we do like that. I would like to share my personal experience and behaviour with you. Good and bad […]

My Desire!!

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If God emerges in front of me and asks “What is your desire?” I will reply immediately ” please give me the life of a bird in my next birth.” I want to live a hassle free life like a bird. They can fly from one country to another country. No need to get passport […]