My Desire!!

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If God emerges in front of me and asks “What is your desire?”
I will reply immediately ” please give me the life of a bird in my next birth.”

I want to live a hassle free life like a bird. They can fly from one country to another country. No need to get passport and visa. They are free from tiring immigration checks. Flap…flap…Flap.!! When they wish they play with the clouds and touch the sky.

I do imagine about my next birth and become thrilled. Wow!! That life is so sweet. I want to lead a cheerful life. There is no scope to get seizure, anxiety, panic attack , Sleeplessness and mainly struggling in the new situations. My battle with Autism will also be over.

Every winter Seagulls visit to Dubai Creek side to take their food inside the water. Their unity is remarkable. They visit in a group and fly together. So wonderful… Like Seagull i will fly Siberia to Greenland. Meet the Polar bear, Penguin and Walrus. I am patiently waiting for the appearance of the God. I will get my most wanted life.
Fly , fly, fly..
up, up, up…
Far away from the land
under the blue sky.

Article written by Stuti

6 thoughts on “My Desire!!

  1. Wonderful writing stuti! You will be a great author one day and millions will read your articles and love them.

  2. Amen!! .
    Stuti little nice beta ..I’m your Raghu uncle.Felt extremely happy and astonished to find you write such beautiful articles.Your feeling for freedom is so good that it forced me think about this mortal human life..full of rat race …,to be a Bird and fly high freely is much better .
    I know you are a strong person and will come up with great achievements in your life..My best wishes and blessings to you.
    Raghu Kaka

  3. Stuti,
    This was a really creative and imaginative post, it’s beautiful. God is with you dear , things take time but the best happens in the end.

  4. Wow Stuti. You’ve written it beautifully, it’s like you paint with your worlds. It’s magical to read what you write. It’s such a beautiful and unique thought. I’m very proud of you my sweet little sister . You’ve much more courage and strength than any of us. Keep writing. Will be waiting for your next post. Very very proud of you. Lots of love and hugs

  5. Stuti, I feel so touched everytime I read the blogs written by you. You are indeed an amazing writer. Your writings are such thought provoking. I want you to write more and more. Love you and God bless you with immense strength.
    My best wishes are always with you dear.

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