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Autism is a word made by only six letters but it is so complicated and vast. Only those people know who are in the field . Our behaviour gives troubles to others. Everyone should know why we do like that. I would like to share my personal experience and behaviour with you.

Good and bad times we get time to time. When i get bad phase , I show lots of unwanted behaviour. I have epilepsy and I am on  the high dose (medicine).  Even though I get epileptic pain every month. Before getting this pain  I see an aura of epilepsy . I get myself in the fire of epilepsy and thousand voltage bulb bursting in my head. It changes my behaviour and i start jumping and screaming.

Swing and rocking chair release our restlessness and give us pleasure.  I do rock !!


Article written by Stuti

3 thoughts on “A note on my condition

  1. Beautifully described Stuti! A lot of awareness is there now, thanks to many people and initiatives. However, it still needs to increase I agree. People need to realize that anything can happen to anyone at any time and we should treat everyone with equal respect. Life is uncertain for all and we need to be good humans first. You are supremely talented and have done/ can do things none of us can. Keep writing and keep smiling.

  2. Stuti dear,
    I always knew you felt uncomfortable when you started jumping and screaming. But till date I never knew what part of it made you so uncomfortable, was it your hands that felt restless that you wanted to flap them? or were you irritated and that was the reaction?( I wish I had asked). But today I read that you feel like your head bursts like a thousand voltage bulb! Stuti, with that kind of feeling, I have to say it’s amazing to see you do so well, I would never have guessed. I admire you more than ever, You have pulled off so much which is what makes you way stronger and special than any of us. You are talented and unique, and I love the way you are able to explain to me the unexplained since I have never been there. It’s not easy, I know, but you handle yourself so well that we are all very proud. Keep going and keep writing. I want to mention here for the last few years I hardly check or comment on my Facebook, but when I do, it is always on your posts! I really look forward to seeing what you have written, because you explain things so well. Lots of love and prayers for you always.

  3. Excellently written Stuti. You’ve an amazing style of writing and it’s great to see how you are able to express yourself beautifully through your writings. I absolutely agree with you that there is a need for awareness about autism and I know nowadays people are trying to spread this awareness. I hope that a day comes when our society is raised to the level that they can understand the difficulties faced due to autism and be more accommodating. I’m very proud of you that you’ve never let autism hamper your spirits. Keep on writing and I know you’ll become a great writer very soon.

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