Brave Heart!!

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Nirvaya , the character of my story is a writer. She is a thirty years old and she is an honest lady. Her passion for writing is unique . She writes on different  topics ,
either social cause, political issues , natural beauty or other matters . Her main motto is do service for society and Nation.   She knows writing has magical power . Sometimes she gets appreciation from  others and some other times her truthfulness gets her into trouble . Due to her bold work, she also gets life threatening calls, but she is determined to do service for others .

One summer, she decided to visit a hill station to enjoy t he natural beauty and thought  if she gets some matter to write it will be  an bonus point to  her . One sunny morning  she was taking a stroll . Weather  was pleasant . Sun was shining , so atmosphere was less cold and chilled. Suddenly she saw a temple in the mountain . It attracted her sight. She took the narrow lane to reach the temple . While she was returning from the temple  she saw few children sitting outside the temple and asking money from the devotees. She realised that they are actually child beggars and someone is using them. Nirvaya decided to watch them and will try to find the real culprit .

During sunset a bad looking man came there and after seeing that man all child beggars started to follow him. She saw that the man took  a narrow lane into the  ruins of an old house. He entered in the house along with children . She understood  it is a racket of child theft. She went to local Police station and informed them about child thief and informed them about their location  . Police raided the house and rescued all the children from their trap .  Chief  minister of that State presented a bravery  medal for her extraordinary work . The audience gave her a big round of applause .

Through this story i would like to give a message that  everyone should follow the footsteps of Nirvaya. She did not care for her life, she put her life in risk and rescued the children. Now society and government should do their job by providing the kids a shelter, education and good living.

4 thoughts on “Brave Heart!!

  1. Wow very inspiring story.. and written beautifully. I feel that’s what the society needs now that people should be brave and try to improve the situation. Absolutely true that the government should also try to protect the children and help them build a better future. The message of the story is very apt in today’s world. I hope more people start thinking like you and then the world will become a better place to live in.

  2. It is amazing, you mentioned correctly she is bold in true sense, usually we all go temple with a begger mindset and become too ignorant of happenings in our surroundings. She went to temple and beauty was driving factor and she came out of most beautiful result. Incredible persona.

  3. It’s a fabulous story Stuti and very well written!! The narrative flows naturally and simply, a great pleasure for the reader!!

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